How to buy, stake and vote in Juno Network

Full video guide

1st of October 2021 — Juno Network launched the main-net.
4th of October 2021 — the first proposal is alive!

All you need to vote for proposals in Juno Network is:

  1. Upload Keplr Wallet:
  2. Add Junø to Kepler and buy $JUNO at Osmosis:
  3. Stats for $JUNO by Imperator
  4. Dashboard for Juno Network: by validator Bro_n_Bro
  5. Stake (delegate) $JUNO and vote for proposal at OmniFlix Network:

Join the community:
Russian-speaking community:

Distributed Validators Synctems:

Validator CyberG:
Validator Imperator:
Validator POSTHUMAN:
Validator web34ever: