Distributed Validators Synctems is the first Decentralized Autonomous Synchronization of validators.

Yes, you read it right way! Not “Systems”, and not “Organization”.

Distributed Validators Synctems
2 min readJun 14, 2021

We are living in a paradigm shift

The words “System” and “Organization” are words from the old industrial paradigm, where everything had a center and a creator.
A new paradigm requires new words, and therefore it is up to us to create them!

The word “Synctem” comes from the word “Synchronization”.
This is a system that didn’t appear by anyone’s will, but which self-created as a result of synchronization.

The word “Organization” is also not acceptable for our self-identity, since “organization” means the organizer (center).
Therefore, we use the word “Synchronization” not only as a verb, but also as a noun — a union that arose in the process of synchronization.

At the moment, DVS synchronizes five validators, that are validating almost 50 networks, in the main-nets and in the test-nets.

If you are a staker (delegator), then you can always be sure that with the validators from the DVS you will receive not only a reward from the network, but also guarantees of compensation of funds in case of slashing of our validators, as well as crypto-gifts and NTFs in cases of significant events and achievements of new milestones.

All DVS-validators are public figures, and you can always communicate with them as with your friends and colleagues.

If you are a validator and you are tired of endless competition for a stake, and want to have a real digital-friends — write to us!

We are open synchronization, but we care a lot about our reputation.
Our synchronization can only contain validators that have minimum requirements.

If you are not 100% confident in your skills, then we will gladly help you with consultations, educational materials, as well as accompanying you on the way to professional validation.